This group of paintings by Dongkuk (Don) Ahn in the current exhibition makes for exciting viewing. Nearly all of the paintings exemplify a method of rapidly applied brushstrokes that hurtle across the surface with extreme speed and spontaneity. This is a technique that Ahn has employed at frequent intervals during nearly half a century of […]

At first glance, the current exhibition of ink paintings by Don Ahn may appear to represent a particular stage, or even a concentrated moment, within an artist’s career. Together, the works form a coherent visual ensemble: sweeping gestures of black and watery gray dance across expanses of white rice paper. In each, there is a […]

Each of us has a past and memories associated with the experiences of that past. Remembrance of bygone days-verdant hills and winding trails, fleecy clouds and singing streams, the trace of certain words reminiscent of childhood, incidental retrieval of facts from oblivion, situations deduced from casual observation – the nostalgia sometimes serves as psychological palliative […]

This group of recent paintings by Don Ahn stands at the newest point along a sustained, logical progression of technique and imagery that has run through the artist’s career virtually from its conception. Always concerned with both representation and abstraction, and retaining the East Asian notion that all art is to some extent abstract, Ahn […]